Fellow LDEO student Laura Haynes and the GEOTRACES exhibit at the 2018 LDEO Open House

For the past three years, I’ve organized GEOTRACES-centered ocean chemistry exhibits at the Lamont-Doherty Open House. The exhibits include both educational materials like 3-d visualizations of ocean chemistry data and hands-on activities about iron speciation (in cereal!), ocean acidification, and more. We recently took our outreach show on the road to Kids Week aboard the USS Intrepid in February 2019, incorporating a new hands-on activity – coring play-doh sediment cores using bubble tea straws!
I’ve also participated as a summer mentor for high-school students as a part of LDEO’s Secondary School Field Research Program since 2015.

Public Writing

I’ve written a few pieces about doing fieldwork – both from cruises while at sea, and during a graduate student field trip to the Bahamas

Digging up Solutions to Mysteries of Earth’s Past and Future

Sampling the Barren Sea

Head for the Hills